From News & Advance
Written by Rachael Smith

Many of those born from the Greatest Generation have lived through two world wars and the Great Depression, plus numerous changes in technology, medicine and culture.

And Lynchburg was lucky enough to celebrate one of them Friday morning on Virginia Jefferson’s 108th birthday at Westminster Canterbury.

She’s described as having many friends, owning an infectious and fun personality and able to talk to anyone.

“I love people,” she said via FaceTime on Friday. “I like everything and I like everyone I meet. Everyone I meet makes me happy.”

She said she doesn’t exactly know what her secret is to a long life but attributes much of it to her hard-working demeanor and God.

“I love Him, and I think He loves me too,” she laughed. “I don’t know why He’s leaving me here, but I thank Him every day.”

The Forest native was born Aug. 14, 1912 — when William Howard Taft was president — and grew up on a farm with her parents, Alonza and Otelia Davis, and eight siblings — four brothers and four sisters.

She remembers milking a cow by the age of 9 and said she did anything she could to help around the farm, which had cows, chickens, horses, pigs and a garden.

“The girls always had to stay home, and when boys would come to see us, they had to leave at 9 p.m.,” Jefferson remembered. “And mother and father would be sitting waiting on them to go. If I went out on a date, one of my brothers would have to go with me. But we all got along really well and had a good time. I miss them.”