Moving to WC in 2020 - From the Perspective of New Residents

2020 produced quite a few challenges for many local businesses and organizations. For Westminster Canterbury, our top concern became the continued health and safety of our residents and team members. With the help of everyone on our team, we have continued to do our best to protect each of our residents, while also improving the campus experience.

Although we have made many adjustments to our normal processes and procedures, we have by no means stopped inviting others to experience the life refreshed that so many have already discovered. Here are just a few things our newest residents had to say regarding their move-in experiences during the pandemic:


Moving into Westminster Canterbury during COVID-19 was never a concern for me although I knew it would be different from the times I visited as a Canterbury Club Member in 2019.  I had enjoyed many campus activities with my high school friend Judy. The social hour with great music was always good and one of my favorite things, then and now, is that great indoor pool.

I moved into my new home on July 30 and found everyone so helpful. The residents and all of the staff members could not have made me feel any more at home, then and now.

If you are hesitating for any reason, come and be a part of this place known as WC. COVID-19 will not be here forever.


Earl & Mary:

Moving to Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg in the midst of a global pandemic was certainly challenging; but, ultimately, it was a very satisfying experience. Laura Hunter called in January to let us know that two of our choices would be available in the spring. Current residents whose apartments had those floor plans graciously allowed us to see their homes. As soon as we saw the first one, we knew it was just what we wanted.

Then COVID arrived in March. How were we going to downsize our “stuff” and find a buyer for our house? But, we decided we would go ahead with renovations in our chosen apartment.

Laura helped us choose new light fixtures, paint and flooring, design built-in bookcases, reconfigure a bathroom, and make minor modifications in the kitchen. We were invited to come in during these renovations, wearing masks, to make photos and measurements to help us decide what furniture to bring.

At the time we moved to the WC campus, new residents were immediately quarantined in their apartments. But with meals and mail delivered to our door and no visitors allowed, we made good use of the uninterrupted days to unpack and settle in.

Now, in spite of the masks, small-group-only activities and mostly take-out dining, we feel very much at home and are very glad we were able to make this major move when we did.



Like everyone else, I was sequestered in my home, depending more and more for social media to keep me in touch with family and friends. Even my walking partner and I no longer saw one another on a daily basis. With the exception of a glimpse of my neighbor when collecting my mail, human contact had ceased.

The closing for the sale of my house finally took place and I moved to Westminster Canterbury at the end of April. Laura Hunter and the marketing team could not have been more helpful, making sure that I had everything I needed when I moved into my apartment. They checked regularly to make sure all was well.

Life suddenly became more “normal” as I was greeted by residents (albeit behind face masks and at a six feet distance) who naturally seem to have newbies on their radar screen. Cheery introductions made me begin to feel at home. A week after my arrival, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, staff members (including our CEO) arrived at my door before dinner with the choice of a Margarita or Corona! Who does this!!?

The bottom line is that despite where we are with this pandemic, I don’t at all miss my home. I certainly don’t miss the isolation or the maintenance surprises that seemed to crop up on a regular basis.

I now see many more people on a daily basis. My friends remind me of the flurry of activities that will open up once we are not so restricted. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ll always be grateful that my choice was Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg.



COVID-19 didn't really figure into my decision. I didn't see much difference between being shut down at home and shut down here. If anything, I felt like Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg was the safest place I could be.

The fact that the housing market was strong, along with the availability of a perfect apartment for me at Westminster Canterbury, made everything come together.


Laura & Paul:

When the pandemic began, we decided to quarantine at home. We were safe: ordered groceries, food takeout and Amazon delivery. But we were isolated. We missed our WC exercise classes, our group walks and seeing friends on campus. We weren’t afraid to move on campus. The WC community had stringent COVID-19 guidelines and protocols in place.

When we moved into our apartment that same WC community of residents and staff members greeted us with smiling faces and (socially distanced) open arms — offering to help, lending a hand. Everyone welcomed us — leaving flowers and cards at our door, even lending us a trash can and broom during our first week of quarantine.

Moving to WC during COVID saved us from being blue and lonely.  We stayed busy at our house, but we were separated from normal activities and neighbors.

Living at WC during COVID has moved forward in a fairly normal manner, aside from having no visitors. Many activities are intact, though may look a little different, and bring a wonderful sense of routine, fellowship and belonging. Living at WC has also allowed us access to medical care with significantly greater ease than if we were still in our house.

We are grateful to be residents at Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg.

Are you ready to make the move to Westminster Canterbury?

Our  beautiful, 40-acre campus is here for you! Become a part of a retirement community where you can experience freedom and independence, knowing that you have access to great resources and exceptional care. Learn more about how you can become a resident at Westminster Canterbury - Lynchburg and experience life refreshed. 

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