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There are many attractive areas within the Westminster Canterbury-Lynchburg campus—some are quite visible, such as the tree-lined drive that leads to our main entrance, while others are more quaint and subtle.

One of the go-to spots for many of our residents is the nature trail. Although you can’t see this trail from the driveway, there has been a lot of time and energy put into it since its conception in 1999.



The WC Nature Trail, which at its longest point is about one-third of a mile from one end to the other, features a brick path that residents can easily stroll as they walk for leisure or for exercise. Along the way, they are welcomed by an assortment of wildlife, including various types of plants and flowers, as well as specific animals that have created homes along the trail.

June 5, 2021, is National Trails Day! This day of recognition looks to celebrate the trails that have helped so many find physical, mental and emotional restoration, especially during the pandemic. Our resident-led Nature Trail Committee, in conjunction with our groundskeepers, does a great job taking care of our trail. Here are a few ways you can get involved with National Trails Day this year and truly make a difference in your community!

  1. Leave the Trail Better than you Found It
    Take some time to clean up behind yourself and others as well.

  2. #RecreateResponsibly
    It’s everyone’s job to keep our environment and community safe. Whether it’s preventing wildfires on camping trips or doing your best to leave no trace as you venture into the great outdoors, you can protect yourself, others and the outdoors. Use the hashtag and show others how you are making a difference.

  3. Commit to Trail Service in 2021
    Did you know that many trails rely on volunteers to help keep trails safe for others? While there is a paid staff, there are also volunteer opportunities. Check with your local parks and recreation organization to see how you can get involved.

While our little trail isn’t a national phenomenon, it is very special to our retirement community and we are so happy that our residents saw fit to have it added to our beautiful 42-acre campus.

Here are a few pictures of residents enjoying the trails throughout the years. Interested in vising the path for yourself? Give us a call and let’s schedule a tour where you can see our nature trail and the other beautiful things that make our retirement community a place so many people call home.


Westminster-Canterbury-Lynchburg-Virginia-nature-trail-for-retired-seniors-blue-ridge-senior-retirement-campus 0005 Lear
Westminster-Canterbury-Lynchburg-Virginia-nature-trail-for-retired-seniors-blue-ridge-senior-retirement-campus 0004 Disc
Westminster-Canterbury-Lynchburg-Virginia-nature-trail-for-retired-seniors-blue-ridge-senior-retirement-campus 0003 Expl
Westminster-Canterbury-Lynchburg-Virginia-nature-trail-for-retired-seniors-blue-ridge-senior-retirement-campus 0002 Welc
Westminster-Canterbury-Lynchburg-Virginia-nature-trail-for-retired-seniors-blue-ridge-senior-retirement-campus 0001 Clea
Westminster-Canterbury-Lynchburg-Virginia-nature-trail-for-retired-seniors-blue-ridge-senior-retirement-campus 0000 Walk

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