You have a meaningful, charitable gift opportunity

Fourth in a series from the WC Foundation Legacy Committee

By Charlie Pryor

As an Azalea Option resident living off-campus, I shall take considerable liberty in writing this brief note on why I consider a Legacy Gift to the WC Foundation a worthwhile consideration.

Of all the adjectives that come to mind in describing the Staff and Operations of WC, caring would be first and foremost. It seems that “caring” is a common thread that is laced through every aspect of life at WC. Caring for the health, the comfort and the happiness of all the residents permeates all the activities on campus.

Forethought and planning are most evident as the organization has navigated the uncertain and unknown waters of the coronavirus pandemic with seemingly great success. My wife, Mary Jane, and I were particularly impressed with the ease and efficiency which we experienced while receiving our Covid vaccinations there.  From the well-orchestrated scheduling and entrance to the attending physician on-site following the shots, the whole process went extremely smoothly for us.

As an active member of the WC Foundation Board, I have been made aware of the importance of a solid financial foundation for this organization. The need for many and varied services and opportunities offered by the Foundation, of course, are always present. Their successful rendering contributes to the quality of life for residents of WC.

Today, there are more important philanthropic opportunities than I have ever seen in my lifetime. I do feel that WC offers a somewhat unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of so many at a wonderful stage in life. That is why Mary Jane and I view the WC Foundation as a meaningful, charitable gift opportunity.

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