“…this side of the dirt.”

Second in a series from the WC Foundation Legacy Committee

By Ken White

“I have some things I want to get done while I am still on this side of the dirt.”

These were the words of a successful businessman and client many years ago as he sat down in my office.  As he explained what he wanted “to get done” for several non-profit and charitable organizations, it was clear he had reached that stage in life I think we all at WC have experienced by now: we won’t live forever!

He was planning his legacy.

His word choice in describing the delineation between the living and the hereafter was, well, graphic. It was also jarring on a personal level, spurring me on with my own planned legacy. The phrase made such an impression on me that I have used it often times since.  Perhaps some of you have heard me say it, and maybe, just maybe, it spurred you on with your own plan.

If you have not already done so, or if you already have a plan but haven’t revisited it lately, the time you spend reviewing or planning your own charitable gifts will be well spent.

And as all of us look back over the last year, WC of Lynchburg should certainly be among those we are considering for charitable gifts.  The management and employees of this special place have done a remarkable job during the pandemic of keeping us safe and catering to our needs, large and small. We have been very fortunate to be here.

There are many ways for you to leave a legacy to this place, among them one or more lifetime gifts, a charitable remainder trust, or a gift through a trust or your will, and more.

Any member of the WC Foundation Legacy Committee would be happy to talk with you, as would Debbie Callahan in the Foundation office, extension 3507.

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