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Prayer & Community

Prayer is powerful. Community is powerful. Prayer within community is one of the greatest gifts that we can share together and share with others.

The original idea for The Prayer Tree came from Blowing Rock, NC at Sheri Furman’s Take Heart Gift Shop. In the summer of 2019, a fire engulfed the shop, yet the prayers hanging from the tree just outside were untouched by the flames.

The Prayer Tree has become a symbol of hope and evidence of the beauty of humanity as thousands of locals and visitors of that quaint mountain town have added their own prayers to the branches of the tree. We hope the WC Prayer Trees become our own symbols of hope and beauty right here in our beloved community.

We invite you to add your own prayer(s) to the branches of one of the Prayer Trees on our campus. This is an interfaith and ecumenical opportunity to:

  • Offer prayers and petitions
  • Express gratitude and thanksgiving
  • Share hopes and dreams

Family members and friends are encouraged to add their prayers to those of our residents and employees. Join us by filling out the form below!


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